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Autoclave Australia offers services from Calibration to Repair of your Sterilisation Equipment. We have highly trained technicians that can provide assistance either on-site or in one of our sites. You can request for a service using our form below.

Autoclave Calibration

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Autoclaves use both temperatures (heat) along with pressure and sometimes steam to process materials. Often the main purpose is sterilization of materials, however, in many industrial uses, large-scale vessels are commonly used to process materials such as composites which improve the strength and durability of finished products.

Autoclave Australia offers autoclave calibration services so you can ensure your equipment is performing within any required tolerances. Our technicians can come to your facility and perform a variety of checks, verifying functions such as the pressure systems, and temperature. We can even perform full uniformity surveys with our specialized temperature monitoring systems.

Repair & Maintenance

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Everyday use of your autoclave produces wear and tear on it. CI Scientific can provide the repair & maintenance of your equipment needs. We have highly trained technicians to make sure that all that needs to be fixed are done with the highest quality

Autoclave Validation

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Autoclave validation is the process of testing your autoclave to ensure that it is performing as intended by the manufacturer and in line with the Australian Standards. 

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